Tuesday, 25 December 2007

merry christmas

I have been given a copy of Odin Sphere

Upside - It always did look cool.
Downside - I, er, don't know how to use a PS2. The controllers are so big! Controllers should never have gotten bigger than the SNES! You don't need all these controls! :)

first comments:

I really am out of practise gripping big game controllers. Fighting to the first boss I found (unicorn knight?) and taking a couple of attempts to kill him left me with ouchiness inside my elbows and sore thumbs.

It's very pretty, and fun in the old-school way (although the idea of having to level up instead of pumping in more quarters is still slightly strange.... yes, I played through the whole X-Men six-player beat-em-up in the arcades. And the TMNT one except I ran out of quarters at the end boss and had to leave, VERY sulkily.) but I'm still a bit baffled by bits of it. And having trouble getting the hang of the controller. I find the symbol-buttons on the playstation less memorable than the letters of the Nintendo games and I keep forgetting what's what. (Also, sometimes, a button press doesn't seem to do what I expect... maybe because I can't check my items while I'm reeling from an attack?)

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