Saturday, 9 February 2008

english is as she wrote

From Magic Farm:

"Help a young lady to save her parents from the hands of cruel aborigines. Make exciting voyages with your new pirates and vegetarian cannibals friends."


The game itself seems to be a vague clone of Grimm's Hatchery, with prettier graphics but much worse writing. And I didn't like Grimm's myself (too much clicking, not enough result?) so even with a free copy from Game Giveaway I can't see myself playing this.

UPDATE: Possibly more than a clone. We'll see what becomes of this...

It's not just the writing, although that really doesn't help - bits of interface (the hand cursor especially) are also a little bit off. I can occasionally look past Engrish. Emerald Tale is a cute and relaxing little puzzle game even if the text is often pointless and occasionally somewhat boggling.

I suppose that's why Magic Farm's intro story sequence is a comic with no words...

I don't know if it's just the games that they pick aren't to my taste or whether I have automatically lower expectations because I'm getting the game free, but with a lot of Game Giveaways I find I lose interest almost before reading the tutorial. Perhaps because I already 'have' the game, so there's no motivation to evaluate and possibly obtain it?

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