Wednesday, 6 February 2008

slightly creepy

And you thought Princess Maker's diet-settings were odd? How about a whole game devoted to losing weight so that boys will stop laughing at you?

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You play Hitomi, a 16-year-old who used to be cute enough to win kid pageants, but whose appetite for sweets and lack of exercise has led to a hefty weight of 100kg - that's 220lbs for us in imperial land. Going into your second year of high school, you and your older brother Takashi move into a small new apartment building that's owned by your father, and who do you think are your new neighbours? Of course, several handsome guys, including the top 5 most popular guys in your high school. You're excited until you meet them, and their reaction is less than flattering. Only one of the guys, the #1 ranked cold, perfect type, actually insults you, but the others' responses also make you realize that you're overweight. You decide that you're going to lose weight and show those guys how cute you can be!

Your stats are: Weight, Face, Arms, Legs, Muscle Tone, General Studying, Language, Science/Math, Phys Ed, Persistence, and Diet Knowledge.

Ew. I mean, I guess it makes for strategic gameplay to try and focus on all these elements without starving to death and while trying to make friends as well, but it still sounds a little disturbing. NOT a game that I will be picking up, thanks.

Only in Japanese, of course, so you don't have to worry about little girls with their DSes around you wailing "WAAAH! My character's BUTT is STILL TOO BIG!"

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