Sunday, 17 February 2008

rune factory

Music quality doesn't seem to interact with DS speakers well.

Occasional bits of voiced dialog seem really weird, perhaps because my subconscious knows that they should be speaking Japanese.

It's sort of baffling in general - there's a big field and a ton of options and I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to do beyond plant one handful of seeds, water them, and look confused.

The text does not fit in the dialog boxes properly - it wraps at only about halfway across the screen. Weird.

Dear game designers - When creating feedback for 'You have no water in your watering can', you might want to consider a little popup with a water-drop and an X, or a generic bzzzt of you-can't-do-that. Instead of playing a sound that sounds rather like water and showing an animation of watering. Which, when you are brand new to the game and don't know any better, makes you think you are watering things when you are not. Apparently I stood in the wrong place when I tried to fill my watering can, so it didn't work. Argh.

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