Thursday, 21 February 2008


Hello again, little RPG world! You apparently burn enough memory that you make my computer sluggish for a bit when I close you, which I expect from much bigger games... You are still annoying about that whole vaguely describing an object rather than letting me interact because I'm standing in the wrong place (and not moving me to the right place, which would be helpful). And why can't I smash up sealed barrels?

I have decided to play a bastard this time, who is Nefarious and Fightery and likes to hit things with swords. This will probably make life easier than it did as a rogue. Of course, now I pout at the locked doors and chests I can't open.

edit: Oh hey, now that I look at the manual, apparently there is a way to bash stuff.

edit: all that for a wine cellar? oh hey it's 5:30 am, I guess I should stop now

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