Tuesday, 29 July 2008

another 'let's laugh at the feminists' writeup

can be found at Yahoo, which doesn't bother to discuss AT ALL what the upset people are actually upset over, and mocks them for daring to be offended by a game that had a girl working on it somewhere... which we have to take the word of the Man In Charge for, since the girl herself is not in evidence.

Again, I am not nearly as bothered by the game itself as by the coverage.

Would you see an article saying that Christian groups were offended by a game but they'd better be prepared to eat crow because the level designer who built the church level goes to church himself five times a year?

I don't think so. Even if many people reading the article felt that the outrage was silly, they would probably be more respectful of the opinion (at least on mainstream public articles. On Something Awful, they'd flame. :) ) and recognise that the outraged people were looking at the game from a different viewpoint.

It bothers me that many mainstream people seem to think feminists are inherently funny and should be put in their place.

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