Monday, 14 July 2008

random japanese stuff

Exception - A shmup where you play a cube flying around other geometric solids, with bloom and blast. To quote the review,

Your little fighter cube flies along the x and y axis with omnidirectional firing. You have a health bar, as opposed to dying in one hit, so in that regard it is a tad forgiving. Three weapons are at your disposal: a straight, constant laser beam for focused fire; a chargable homing ray to take out swarms of weaker enemies; and, what is perhaps the most important weapon in your arsenal, the catapault, which is the device that employs the "blown attacks" mentioned in the product description.

The catapault grows in strength with a power meter filled by dealing out damage to the enemy swarms. When it's ready to use, an outline of a box appears in front of your fighter. When the catapault is used, everything inside that box is flung away from your fighter with considerable force. The smaller and lighter the object is, the farther and faster it will fly. Skillful use of the catapault, especially when you let the power meter fill to its maximum, is the key to surviving the levels. It can be used offensively to fling hundreds of cubes into the oncoming hordes.

There is a demo downloadable here. It is quite playable even if you can't understand Japanese - the settings are in English, and when you get into the game, the left button, right button, and middle button will do you. (Be sure to LET GO of the left button before using the others.)

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