Wednesday, 2 July 2008

a new casual game in the making?

From a discussion over the controversy of whether very large passengers should be forced to pay for two plane tickets (which is more complicated than it seems at first glance, since the airlines have intentionally led into the problem)

>Just sit next to me - I’m a skinny and I only take up 80% of my seat! :-)

Okay, so I’m now imagining some new airline job in which people report what percentage of seat they take up (and it which areas - legs, arms, wev) upon buying their ticket, and then this awesome logician gets to sit down and work it all out like a puzzle, coming up with the greatest seating chart ever for optimum comfort for all passengers.

And I’m thinking “Wheee! Puzzles! I want that job!”

Game design possibility, anyone? :)

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Anonymous said...

Just to say that I've made my own casual game, it's called Smilies Invasion and for me it's frenetic!