Monday, 28 July 2008

more panties in games

Since I get a lot of hits for this sort of thing, I may as well link to an article on the subject.

As for my opinion?

There's nothing wrong with Peach's panties! They're perfectly ordinary panties! What did you expect her to wear under there, a chastity belt?

Second Life can't fairly be blamed for the crazy things people come up with - and that picture is TAME.

DoA Beach Volleyball *is* softcore porn. You have only to watch the poledance sequence to be convinced. But how lame! Not even bothering to put up a picture of the REALLY bad possibilities? IIRC, you can put your girls in some amazingly terrible underwear in this with options...

Can't comment on the not-yet-available Japanese title, although it does make me think of Ashe's bizarre final fantasy getup.

Um... Isn't this supposed to be a 'ridiculous underwear' list? Okay, I guess you're inferring the pushup bra, but....

The rest of the list needs no further comment from me, they speak for themselves.

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