Wednesday, 9 July 2008

D&D 4e

Played a solo adventure today. Still was frustrated with the non-combat systems and required a good bit of 'cheating' (well, redefining the challenge so I could use skills my character didn't suck at) as well as training myself to think of the whole thing as an Indiana Jones getaway sequence so I wouldn't be so annoyed at "If I succeed in hiding, why do we have to keep rolling???" It's doable, with a GM trying really hard to present interesting story things to have happening, but it's sort of exhausting, and the lack of Cool Specialised Tricks in non-combat still leaves it less blah.

On the other hand, I was playing a warlock. These classes are supposed to be *balanced*? Warlock makes BIG BOOM. (GM says that this is only because I wasn't fighting large groups. But good heavens, things just went down in a snap.)

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Brian Ballsun-Stanton said...

Ah, warlocks. I played one myself the other night.

Yes, they make big boom. But they can't actually take damage, nor can they deal with groups.

But yes, 'locks and rangers are the designated arty. And just like arty, if people are next to them, they get really annoyed.