Friday, 11 July 2008

i am intrigued by your ideas

News of an upcoming direct-download site for older games, the sort that by now turn up in the bargain bin if anywhere.

Good Old Games

Pleasingly, they're offering DRM-free versions, or so they say. Which may be an acknowledgement that their target market are perfectly capable of obtaining pirated copies of those old games if they feel like being jerks, so why bother? They're buying because they want to pay for it, or want the safety of getting it from a reputable source instead of risking virus-riddled warez.

Of course, their version of 'old' is a bit eye-rolling for some of us who've been around a lot longer than that...

But if this is legit (and will allow non-US people to buy... GameTap won't, last I checked) it'll be a nice option to have.

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