Thursday, 17 July 2008


Wild Tangent responded to my support request solely by chiding me for calling it "Fate 2" instead of using the appropriate branding of Fate Unfogged Room Closet Balls Hockey With Elf Chicks, rather than by HELPING me in any way shape or form to run their game so that I could GIVE THEM MONEY.


Seriously, wtf? Did they think I was going to respond with "Oh wow, I am so sorry I failed to use the proper name for your game even though I had indicated exactly what game I was talking about on the long series of dropdown menus when filing a support request through your website and a second-grader could tell what I meant by 'Fate 2'. Gosh, that was so inappropriate of me! I will buy *three* copies of your new product even though it doesn't even launch on my computer! I should be ashamed of myself for asking! Tee hee!"

I loved FATE. I was a shoo-in for a sequel. It didn't even have to be good. I would have bought it without giving it more than a few minutes playtest. All it had to do was run.

Well. So much for them, then.

(If you got here by search and are disappointedly looking for a game, there are other indie RPGs out there..... but if you're really set on trying Fate The Undiscovered Country Or Whatever you can find that here)


Neko said...

Wow. Great support.

I've never heard of this game, but I really wanted to check it out after reading your "cute Diablo" description. Loved Diablo 2 and was addicted for months. Also love cute.

But it sounds like Wild Tangent are jerks, so I'll play something else.

s.c said...

Hmmm, sounds like they order their priorities on the same methodology as the notorious AIG -- the big corporate "me first".

Now, a game that would pit you against wild throngs of investment executives... that's a game I'd buy.