Tuesday, 3 February 2009

reflexive, amazon, and the tide coming in

Well. It was known a while ago that Amazon had bought Reflexive.

Now there is the opening of the Amazon Game Downloads, (including a couple of cool freebies... This sounds like a good time to check out Build-A-Lot. EDIT: Actually, no, since they're badgering me about my credit card and adjusting my default settings just to download it. I do have an Amazon account already, which makes me feel odd about being asked a bunch of extra questions. Enh, I have enough games already.)

And everything is being priced down to $9.99.

I don't really know how I feel about that. I mean, cheap games are cool, but at the same time that strongly encourages developers to make short crappy games rather than risk the money involved in a longer title. I like having *multiple* price points to choose from, not 'everything super cheap'. Everything super cheap tends to mean everything being crap, soon enough.

And, to top things off, Amazon's download service is apparently US-only. So I can't even *buy* the cheap games.

But with the recession and all, doing a cheap promotion to US customers might be a big help in establishing themselves... I guess.

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Rio said...

That really sucks to hear about the questions. I had hoped it would be a simple affair since I'm curious about Build-A-Lot too. :\