Thursday, 12 February 2009

so many rpgs, so little time

So, I have an giftcard floating around, which will probably be used for yet another DS game that isn't available in Europe. The question is, what?

Front runners at the moment, both currently unreleased:

The Dark Spire - Claims to be a classic old crunchy dungeon crawl, with a wireframe display mode if you want to feel REALLY old, as well as having multiple endings, an unusually wide range of skill choices, and a text-adventure-like 'narration'.

The other is Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (Review of Japanese version, which only came out last month) which apparently has a visual-novel style branching plot along with all the strategy RPG and devil-fusing.

Of course, neither will be out for a while, and I do get easily distracted... There's also Avalon Code, which sounds fun, but perhaps not sufficiently special to navigate through my piles of stuff to play... I need to hear some response to the plot (and potential for romance?) and how the boy/girl choice affects things before I know whether or not I want this.

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Rio said...

Are you looking for straight up RPGs? If you're not, here's some other ones you may be interested in:
Knights in the Nightmare (a RTS)
Steal Princess (action RPG)

Other RPGs I'm personally keeping an eye out on:
A Witch's Tale
Suikoden Tierkreis
Arc Rise Fantasia
Legend of Ys

Some other non-RPGs I'm watching:
Muramasa The Demon Blade
Little King Story
Magician's Quest: Mysterious Time
Big Bang Mini
Retro Game Challenge (this has an RPG but it also has various other game genre's so...)

Also, Elebits: Adv. of Kai and Zero is not bad. I tried the demo out on the Nintendo Channel and I liked it. I'm currently waiting for the price to come down a bit more. =)