Friday, 13 February 2009

standard console rpg concept

Here's one I'd like to see. Game starts off with the Evil Invasion attacking the castle. Evil Overlord throws the king and queen in the dungeon and proclaims that he's going to marry the princess, leering at her and running his fingers through her long flowing hair. She slaps/insults him, and he locks her in her tower bedroom.

At which point, she cuts off her hair, ties the sheets together, and climbs out the window... to now go around the kingdom pretending to be a spiky-haired peasant boy chosen by destiny to save the land. Knowing that she's making it all up, but that people expect this sort of thing and it's a good way to recruit heroes!

(Also allows Shakespearian romantic comedy if she falls for one of the heroes she recruits, who thinks she's a boy...)

Not something I'm likely to write though (too much else to do).


Rio said...

lol I could see it now! Continuing with what you said, one of the female members will fall for him (i.e. the princess) too. Ahhh, the plot thickens! :p

Cray said...

That's a great backstory :) I wouldn't be surprised if someone already used it in a game

miruki said...

Nice storyline indeed! <3