Thursday, 12 February 2009

warning - get your flameproof hats on!

So, there's a news story out claiming that Amazon drops Rape Simulation game - more importantly, claiming that an English version of a 3d hentai stalk-and-rape game was being sold on Amazon. Once this was pointed out to Amazon, the game was immediately pulled. The article goes on to be shocked and dismayed that such a horrible product was "easily available" from a "major online retailer", and then go on to claim that the English version is still available from (they list links, I won't).

They're missing a fairly important point here.


The links that they link to are PIRATES, selling WAREZED copies with a FAN MADE ENGLISH PATCH.

Whether or not that was the case for the copy listed on Amazon, I do not know. Probably not. I expect it got into the system in the first place through people who did actually own copies of the game and wanted to sell them used, via Amazon's system to enter new-product details.

It's certainly the case for the ones Jezebel irreponsibly promotes. The issue of piracy is never mentioned at all in any of the outcry. Foolish MPs eager for attention will rush to pass bans on selling games that were illegal anyway.

Unsurprisingly, the story has now been picked up by Kotaku, and *their* irritating fanboys are eagerly following the links posted to buy the illegal copies. Sigh.

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