Tuesday, 23 February 2010

blasted black triangles

Working on the silly project, I'm trying to do something that I probably should have been doing for a long time - making code that's localisation-friendly. That is, trying to put ALL my text, not just the long bits, into external files.

... this is annoying, because it keeps slowing me down and it makes my code confusing, as I can no longer tell what's going on just by seeing the obvious strings everywhere, so I have to write lots more comments.

... and I've never actually had a game translated anyway. (Someone is *trying* to do a translation of the first Cute Knight game, but hasn't managed to get anywhere yet.) But maybe someday this will pay off. Right?

secretly edited to add updates, since this will sound so wrong out of context,so I'm not posting it on top:

you can now stalk NPCs - if you click on one and she moves before you get there, you'll follow her to her stopping point so you can have your conversation
you can now bully personal information out of girls!

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