Friday, 19 February 2010

slightly off topic

as I'm whining about the Olympic games.

I may not be a judge, but I've been following this sport for longer than some of the competitors have been alive. Patrick Chan was massively overscored, Johnny Weir was massively underscored. There is no excuse I can see other than personal bias on the part of the judges, to boost the hometown favorite and downplay the 'weirdo'. This happened on "artistic" elements, and from the reaction not even the Canadian crowd would agree on that call artistically.

I'm not going to argue that Weir should have had the bronze, because that's not clear-cut. But he should have placed at least fourth, over both Lambiel and Chan. And Chan should not have been nearly so high in the ranks.

Looking at the final results, with the scores published and what the scores should logically have been to my eye, it should have been Lysacek, Plushenko, Takahashi/Weir (too close for me to call), Lambiel, Oda, Chan.

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