Tuesday, 9 February 2010

In order to better serve you, we just won't bother.

From slashdot:

Giving no explanation beyond that it 'will provide the greatest benefit to the Xbox LIVE community,' Microsoft's General Manager for Xbox Live, Mark Whitten, announced that as of April 15th, Microsoft will be shutting down its Xbox Live service for the original Xbox and its games.

This doesn't make them evil. It was sort of inevitable that they'd shut it down. This is what HAPPENS when you have to rely on a single provider for a service and have no control over it yourself. You have only yourself to blame. Why are you buying online games on a console?

(And yes, this sort of 'thinking ahead' is why I'm so loudly picky about what I will and won't pay for, and what DRM nonsense I won't put up with. BECAUSE THIS STUFF HAPPENS. Why should I put my money in when I can make a good bet that my game will be shut down by someone else in a few years?)

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