Sunday, 7 February 2010

playing with games

There have been a lot of games around lately dealing with changing the rules of the game as you play - slowing/speeding time and reversing gravity being obvious ones.

Has anyone done a game about the mechanic of changing scale? Scaling between being big enough to step over pits and being small enough to walk up the slanty sides of spikes without harm?

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AlexC said...

Hmm... Does Tiny Huge World in Super Mario 64 (on the N64!) count? There you got to walk around one world in two different scales: once where the normal Goombas and other enemies were too small to hurt you, and the whole island was pretty small; and once where they were larger than normal and the island was quite epic sized. There were assorted pipes you could use to move between matching parts of the two halves of the level.

But other than that, no, I can't think of one. It's a good idea ^.^