Sunday, 21 February 2010

why i am a very naughty coder

I start projects, realise I need functions very similar to things I've designed in previous projects, and end up importing huge collections of tangled code in order to keep all the references in all of those scripts, although many will get commented out or simply never called because they are not relevant to what I'm doing at the moment.

... even better, some of them weren't relevant to the project they were imported from because they had also been imported from a previous project, and weren't relevant to THAT project because I designed them, decided they were a bad idea, and then never used them, but left the script lying around...


(This gets even more fun when the unused code is unused because it was a complicated graphical thingie that was too slow for its desired purpose, but then falls into the hands of the programmer trying to port one of my projects to another system, who then tries to make this routine work without realising it was from an entirely different game and never worked to begin with!)

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