Tuesday, 2 February 2010

never buying ubisoft games again ever

(warning, language)

According to slashdot:

Ubisoft has announced the details of their Online Services Platform, which they will use to distribute and administer future PC game releases. The platform will require internet access in order to play installed games, saved games will be stored remotely, and the game you're playing will even pause and try to reconnect if your connection is lost during play.

It's not like there's a shortage of games in the world. So it's not at all difficult for me to say


Sure, *I* have broadband and a (mostly) always-on internet connection. Not everybody does. Even those that do, sometimes the damned thing flakes out. And you know what I do when my net connection flakes? PLAY GAMES. Because I can't get any WORK done when my net's busted.

Not to mention, laptops? I've just come away from a vacation. I had a laptop with me. Many people like to play games on the go. What the hell?

Yes, piracy sucks. But if your only solution is to try standing over people every second while they play (which STILL probably will get hacked around) then why not just stop selling games at all and demand everyone come to your arcade to play them?

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