Thursday, 4 February 2010

so yeah, rhapsody

To remind you, this is what I've been playing:

It's okay. Plot mostly nothing special, except for a silly sequence involving a costume ball (hard to explain, but she needs a dress and she can't find one and has to improvise weirdly) Some weird values dissonance with Etoile and her father, although I can't remember exactly what the problem was. He slaps her and the PC comments what a great father he is, or something like that?

I think most of the combat is scaling difficulty, because despite being level 30 and 40, going back to early zones does not produce instant pushovers. Most of the time there's no need to grind, except for that one fight I just commented on, which was annoying for multiple reasons... See, this is one of those games where you collect tons of party members. But they only gain XP when active, and they don't join the party at current level. When you pick up a new companion who's 15 levels behind the rest of your group, that's a slight pain to have to carry around frantically trying to level it up. When you pick up THREE of them, and you have to use those three as your entire active party in order to do a certain subquest... that's annoying. (Still, it was an optional subquest.)

Many reviewers complain that it's short and easy. Personally, I like that in a JRPG. I don't have the TIME for an epic (unless it had a really great plot I guess).

Also, the combat has an auto-play mode which I quite appreciate. This isn't something you'll want to lean on, because when engaged, people will only use their basic attacks, no magic, which means no area effects, which can be bad. And with the PC, you need to make her use her basic magic a good bit to boost her secondary magic-meter so that she can pull out big attacks when you meet a boss. Still, the auto-fight allows you to take a breather when you're feeling fed up with the endless grind of turn-based battle. I wish more games did this. Especially games that DON'T auto-scale fights and therefore might force you to waste time smashing things that you've outleveled...


miruki said...
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miruki said...

One game that did the autobattle REALLY well imo was Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4. Not only could you autobattle (since you need to get certain element thingies to level up your guardians affection towards you / special attacks which are gained after battles you had to do lots of additional battles) but you could also fast forward the autobattles by pressing R1 (I think it was R1.. or maybe Triangle, too long ago).

I wish more JRPGs would do that, it made grinding/farming soo much more fun. :D