Thursday, 15 July 2010

can't catch me!

Some reviews protest that the way is awfully hard going if you're a rogue rather than a bash-bash fighter.

But... surely running past monsters thumbing my nose at them, grabbing the loot, and running out again before they can beat me to death is a proper thiefly way to solve quests?

(No, I'm not invisible. I'm just not stopping to deal with the things trying to hit me. As long as only a few can reach me at once, I can probably live.)


The Rampant Coyote said...

For which game?

Whiner said...

eschalon - I'm in the Dwarven Mines. I am not strong enough to fight a dwarf. So I run by chests and grab things. I have gotten far enough to find the exit but not the macguffin.

AlexC said...

Sounds like the "stealth" mode on the freeware platformer Iji. You can play it in peaceful mode, where you just dodge enemies' shots... but since it's 2D, a lot of that just means "run past them quickly taking a lot of hits"!

(It is nonetheless an awesome game. Particularly good for the aversion of GameplayStorySegregation.)