Friday, 23 July 2010

Diary Mode

Dating sims are full of choices. Tons of them.

After you've played a few times, it can start to become difficult to remember exactly which choices you've made on this particular playthrough, because you've seen so many different options in the past. And especially if you load a saved game... what plots were you working on that time?

And thus:

The diary screen, which automatically records the activities you did and the important conversations you've had, so you can page through for a reminder. (It's not quite done, someone is being lazy about coding in the text lines for the other side of the screen...)

Also worked on recently is inventory. We haven't made a final design for the inventory screen, which will need to be able to show what things are and aren't equipped (Not everything you own is equipped at all times. Primarily because objects equipped are visually displayed, and some items would overlap ridiculously. You can't hold three magic wands at once!) but we have gotten as far as letting you obtain an item and put it on, as you see.

The next section of plot we're working on is the dreaded Freshman Initiation. What horrible things might you be forced to do in order to belong at your new school?

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