Sunday, 4 July 2010

stupid pointless endgames

Now that I have painfully fought my way through getting all the secret reports, I finally have the level/skills/dropratebonus necessary to acquire a pin that would have made it much easier to fight my way through getting all the secret reports.

There are still several upgrades I do not have. They would similarly require insane amounts of grinding, in order to receive awards that would make it easier to do the insane amounts of grinding that I had just done.

And really, how on earth do they think "beat the final boss TWENTY TIMES on hard difficulty" is a sane way to receive a powerup?

I mean, I suppose it's nice to have stupid bragging rights rewards so that some people can feel really proud of themselves for achieving them... I still haven't quite got 100% on all levels in Peggle Nights... but that at least has fireworks and happy noises!

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