Monday, 5 July 2010

the cute keep trying

Never heard much about Natsume's "Cheer We Go!" since it was first announced. Apparently it was actually released, with zero fanfare, but even people who were interested couldn't find copies in stores. Reviews are very hard to come by (not even any amazon user reviews!) and seem to think it's just for kids. No idea if it contains any dating elements at all... And the music in the amazon video preview sounds annoying, IMO. Stick with Princess Debut, methinks.

There are some user reviews for Witch's Wish but they seem to think that it was mismarketed. Users expected an RPG and got something that leaned closer to a visual novel - a lot of reading and some minigames in a mostly linear plot. A visual novel aimed mostly at girls under 12, at that, where there isn't a fully developed market for this sort of thing yet. The ratings on GameFAQs, though, are MUCH higher - presumably these are people who actually knew what they were buying. So, if you like cute and are okay with falling somewhere between VN and RPG, you may be happy.

Natsume has yet another cute dance game in their queue of upcoming products, this one a kawaii goth title called Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove. Don't know anything else about this yet.

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