Monday, 19 July 2010

say what?

so according to rumors the upcoming Harry Potter game is sort of a magical shooter (which I'm fine with) ... which encourages players to rapid-spam one of the Unforgivable magics, which within the game world are supposed to be illegal and, well, unforgivable under any circumstances, and supposed to result in a life sentence for doing so.

(Admittedly, the characters get away with using them once or twice within the books without suffering much in the way of consequences, which is another discussion entirely. Even then, most of the times Harry tried to cast that spell, he couldn't do it, because it requires pure hatred.)

Within the setting, the casting of that spell is a big deal. Making it a simple, useful tactic and part of your standard arsenal suggests that either the developers don't understand the source material or they're trying to recruit players who actively dislike the source material. IMO.

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