Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I am piling up books and games I still haven't gotten to, so of course, another bonus arrives. And I don't feel like buying a game so this is all off-topic, nyah.

Not quite enough for Naamah's Curse, but enough for The White Road (Nightrunner)

In both cases, the last book in the series was readable but kinda disappointing. They're both well into series and the ongoing series-ness is taking its toll a bit. Especially in the Nightrunner case. Print got bigger, characters got whinier and more shallow, book overall became unmemorable.

Whereas with Naamah's Kiss, the writing is still fine, but the setting is slipping. My main problems were twofold: The increasing presence of magic in the setting gets on my nerves. Magic was very rare and special at the start; the more people have access to it the less amazing it becomes.

And relatedly, the gods themselves indicating whether you should or shouldn't do something? In the original trilogy, it happened ONCE, and it was a SERIOUSLY BIG DEAL that the heroine had to do this terrible thing or the gods would turn their faces away from her. In this book the (different) heroine's deity is weighing in practically every chapter to guide her path.

The other problem is that I'm totally not sold on what appears to be the canon romance for this heroine. He's an okay guy, I don't hate him, but either of the female love interests from the first book is more interesting. And since it looks like the next book in the series is going to be her chasing after Canon Love... my enthusiasm is limited.

So I'm not buying anything right this minute. Maybe later.

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