Thursday, 8 July 2010

Shining Faith

One of the more customised RPG Maker games, which I thought was pretty cool, has a new game out which is supposed to be even better.

That being "Deadly Sin: Shining Faith", also listed as Deadly Sin 2, but it is apparently NOT a direct sequel (and I wouldn't be surprised if it drops the DS2 name at some point)

I have only had the time to play a little bit of the demo so far, but it's quite cinematic... throws you into the middle of the action as everything's going wrong, lets you kick ass a bit, then backs up to introduce the characters. I quite like the style.

As you can see above, there's still the Deadly Sin style of combat, with large animated sprites for the party and a system which determines what character the enemies are most likely to attack.

Can't say much more because I'm WAY too busy this week, but as usual there is a free demo to check out, so...

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