Wednesday, 1 October 2008

also for dancing

Princess Debut, the ballroom-dancing prince-dating game, is out in English.

Considering my general disappointment with the princess-skating game, I'm holding off on this for the moment and hoping to find *someone* else willing to buy and review it... But are there enough other girls blogging the DS for that to happen? Hrm...

I've seen some comments on the imported version which go along with my general perception... cute, possibly too easy. Really, I want to hear someone comment about the writing. Will my brain leak out my ears, or will I be giggling?

Decisions, decisions... Y'know, if someone came around door to door selling DS games I would probably be up to my eyeballs in them. What with having to make arrangements to have them delivered, it's easy to talk myself out of it.

I suppose I should play some more of that silly skating game first.

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Rio said...

I ordered it. I'm just waiting for Amazon to deliver it to my door. :3

Anyways, preconceptions:
- I expect it to be easy
- I expect the dialogue to be light
- I expect it to be short in playtime

But that's all okay since I was mainly getting it for my niece plus I want to support these types of games and hopefully, Natsume may decide to bring Princess Maker 4 (DS) here! :D

Yeah, yeah - kinda a big wish there but one can hope! :p

I'll leave a review once I play through it. :)