Monday, 27 October 2008

Malice and Alice

A simple Japanese platformer, whose plot is slightly incomprehensible, but whose gameplay is really quite simple. There's a little blond witch-girl (Just in time for Halloween!) and another girl has pulled her hat over her eyes, or blindfolded her, or something. Anyway, she can't see. So she stumbles forward blindly. She moves in the same direction until she encounters an obstacle OR you click on her (the mouse cursor taking the form of a little fairy-like girl).

You can also click the cursor to make blocks appear and disappear, and so on. Some blocks will stay changed until you click them again, others are on a timer. And to get the best grade for each round, you have to grab all the stars.

Most of the interface is in English, so if you can just click rapidly through the conversations you don't understand, you should be able to play. Reach the other girl (probably the one who blinded you!) to win the level.

Download Demo Here
(Warning - while THIS game is not naughty, other products sold on that site do include adult content, so expect to stumble into such things if you explore the sidebars for more games!)


Jake said...

As it goes - it looks decidedly Touhou-ish to me, so the title is more likely "Marisa and Alice". ;-)

(And believe it or not, the witch-girl is the one without the hat - Alice is stumbling around with Marisa's hat pulled over her head.)

Whiner said...

Ah, okay. :) The translated product description was not terribly enlightening...