Friday, 10 October 2008

good old games, in progress

So, you remember I mentioned being interested in an animated ex-laserdisc game...

I logged into my GOG account. I clicked on the game. I sent them $6 by paypal (It did include a mailing address and I didn't try setting it to none, so I can't report on that). After processing the transaction I was sent back to my account, listing the game for me, with links to the forum threads in the system about the game and all related downloads. Game is now downloading. Smooth, simple, hassle-free.

Installer comes with DOSbox and allows me to change location and deselect components.

As for the game itself, it's.... weird. It's what you'd expect, really, if you're familiar with the laserdisc games. Full animation (stripped down to super-low-color; you can see the original was prettier but it had to be chopped for PC release, and it wasn't worth the effort of restoring that for this re-release) but super-quick action jumping from point to point with little explanation of how to play. You were, after all, supposed to read the manual. In a few clicks I've managed to be eaten to death by rats, although the wizard helpfully restores my skin to my skeleton to let me continue. I think I'd best go and look up the instructions.

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