Sunday, 12 October 2008

nuts about nuts

Cute little platformer in the style of some reaaaaaaally old games (run around on platforms, make enemies fall into holes... I had something kind of like that back on my coleco but I can't remember the name), and it's free. Not perfect (in particular, difficulty is very uneven - since you don't HAVE to collect powerups to win the level, at least in the build I have, most levels are quite easy and only a few now and then are tricky) but cute.


Neko said...

What, you forgot the name of Lode Runner? OMG! It's a classic.

A nice enough modern version is the casual game Super Granny.

Whiner said...

Ah, but Lode Runner was NOT the game I played!

The game I played was Space Panic.

Neko said...

Ah, ok. Fair enough. ;) Never heard of this game and I might have to find a ColecoVision emulator to try it out.