Wednesday, 8 October 2008

when the stars are right

So, yesterday evening my internet connection went down unexpectedly and wouldn't be up again until business hours this morning. This is quite annoying, as it means I was cut off in the middle of talking to friends, couldn't finish giving instructions to a business partner, had to stop working on LARP prep because I was writing characters on Google Documents in order to share them more easily with co-conspirators, couldn't continue reading the ebook I'd just paid for but not downloaded... (Which was just silly of me. I always download them. But that one time, I thought, it'll be easier to just keep reading it online, I can download it later...) Couldn't work in general because I so often want to look up references.

So what did I do? Played games. Good thing my video games don't require an active internet connection at all times to be sure I'm not stealing...

Relatedly, in Magical Starsign, I've gotten far enough to encounter a kleptomaniac dog that hides in a large seashell - a 'hermit lab'. Snicker.

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