Wednesday, 8 October 2008

so I guess I don't need a new DS after all

Way to go, Nintendo. Most people talking about the issue weren't excited about the new DSi. I was. Until you admitted that you intended to region-lock the games for it.

Dear Nintendo - I live in England. I have a great fondness for Japanese games. I also speak English and am therefore quite interested in playing games that come out in the US that will never be released in Europe because of the translation burden. I happily pay stupid prices to import games, and I have absolutely zero interest in pirating them. (I pay *really* stupid prices to import PC games from Japan, as anyone else with my habits can sympathise. DS titles are easier.)

Frustrations with region-locking are a reason I don't own a 'big' console, and there's no way I'm buying a DSi if it's going to be like this.

I was a completely easy sell if they hadn't muffed it, but if that's the way it is, I have an awful lot more non-locked games to play.

Speaking of importing games, I've heard just enough from early reviews that I'm really leaning towards snapping up that dancing game. And it has no European release date.

At least Time Hollow is intended to come out in Europe by the end of the year, although reviews suggest that you don't actually get to solve puzzles, you're mostly just trailing along following a set story. Alas.

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Rio said...

Speaking of Princess Debut, that reviewer nailed it on the head! A little bit more info on the first two days - you're basically just waking up, practicing to dance and then going to sleep. It's the third day when the story really starts moving. (And that's all I played too since my niece is monopolizing the game... She's playing it again btw. Yup, she already finished it. One day of non-stop playing... <_<; )

A little nitpicking: to make the letters in the name smaller, you have to pick the letter than hit the A/a button which will make the letter smaller or bigger. This confused me a bit at the beginning since I thought it'd change the whole keypad to smaller or upper case but oh well. Problem solved.