Saturday, 4 October 2008

imagine figure skaters SHUTTING UP

Poking at it again so I won't be tempted by ballroom dancing, I am reminded that I would forgive this game a lot of its quirks if not for the REALLY ANNOYING VOICE ACTING.

Who thought it was a good idea to have a girl constantly going "Looking good..." "WOOHOO!" "Great!" "Here I go..." "La la LAAAA!" while on the ice? It's distracting and just plain odd. She doesn't talk the rest of the time, why does she have to babble when I'm trying to do something?

And it's not like she only says them when you finish a move to cheer you on. She babbles CONSTANTLY. She says about six cute sayings PER MOVE while doing the move... and she only HAS five cute sayings. So it's a constant, constant, constant annoyance that makes me want to stab her in the face with my stylus. Which would, of course, ruin my score for the routine.

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