Friday, 3 October 2008

new DS

No, I don't have one yet, I'm talking about the new model being announced.

Many Kotaku respondents don't seem to care (but when do I agree with them about anything?) but I'm interested. I skipped the DSlite - my old gray one works just fine, why pay just for a slightly prettier case? But since I *have* an old working DS with GBA slot (and I almost never use that GBA slot) i don't mind losing that slot on a new toy. Sure, most people carry around a camera phone and an ipod, but I *don't*, and having a camera and music player added to my precious toy is actually handy for me.

As for the new downloadable content idea? I wonder how hard getting on that platform will be? I would *love* to adapt certain game designs to the DS...

On the other hand, there are rumors they may decide to try region-locking. And if that goes down, then of course, I cannot buy a new DS. The features all sound cool, but they are hardly necessary, and the ability to PLAY THE GAMES I BUY is far more important to me.

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