Monday, 2 March 2009

GameStop thinks women are from venus

This doesn't really surprise me, considering the number of times I've seen posts in LJ:Bad_Service from female gamers who've been treated like exotic pests by store employees. Heck, by suggesting that ignoring and laughing at female shoppers is a bad idea, they're making a step up.

I suppose I don't help matters much, as I'm insanely shy and on the rare occasion that I'm in a physical store instead of just buying my games off amazon, am willing to hide behind a companion and let them perform the irritating task of buying the game and making small talk with the cashier. But I behave like this in *any* store. I'm just as prone to running away if a shop assistant greets me and asks me what clothing I'm looking for.

Someday, we will have augmented reality, and I will be able to walk into shops with a sign over my head indicating that the safest way to proceed is "Let me know if you need anything!" Because I will ask, if I can't find what I want on my own. Badgering me about what I want before I've had time to prepare my thoughts will result in nothing but stammering confusion or me brushing you off.

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Carolina said...

I don't get offended by many things but I definitely face-palmed with this.