Saturday, 28 March 2009

pinker than pink - the rhythm edition

Since I've occasionally pointed out how hard it is to find reviews of games that fall into the 'girl ghetto' (ie, the sort of sites I regularly visit generally won't review this stuff) I thought I'd stick up links to a few titles that I've vaguely heard of. This is not an endorsement nor a sign that I'm actually playing these games (if I were, you'd see me post about it!)

Ener-G Dance Squad: Review written by a guy who makes it clear that a game being "for girls" is an automatic negative...

Ener-G Gym Rockets: He likes this one better, but still makes multiple digs about how girl-stuff automatically sucks and real men don't wear pink.

All Star Cheer Squad: Written by a girl, who didn't like it but still figures that sufficiently young girls will overlook all its weaknesses...

Imagine Ballet Star: From the review, it sounds a lot like Imagine Figure Skater except with three characters to choose from and associated alternate plotlines. The words of the review clearly say that the game is mediocre, yet the numerical score assigned is firmly in the 'crap'. What's with that?

The Cheetah Girls: Passport to Stardom Okay, I hadn't heard of this at all, at this point I'm skimming through DS release lists. Clear EBA ripoff, but hey, EBA was a good game!

Dancing with the Stars - Apparently dreadful, and this is why I complained about the numerical score given to Ballet Star. This sounds like it's a far, far worse game experience, but the same site gave it the same number. And they're an out-of-10 rating site, so they don't have the lack-of-gradation excuse. Pfft. Get rid of numbers completely, make people actually read reviews!

Kira Kira Pop Princess - Just not enough there.

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