Monday, 16 March 2009

gleeful revenge, the game

From a column rambling about videogames, the casual market, and the idea of games addressing common thoughts and fantasies:

Super Squabble Champ IV This game consists of nothing but petty relationship squabbles in which your character is endowed with the mystical ability to zip back in time and record footage of your partner being a massive bloody hypocrite, then zoom back into the present to play it all back on a giant screen in front of their eyes until they quiver and break down and confess that you were 100% right all along. Then you get a million points and it plays a little song.

... That actually doesn't sound that far off from a playable game idea. (Says I, poking with mild irritation at Time Hollow, which still appears to be going out of its way to try and slow me down from experiencing the story rather than actually having interaction that's FUN.)

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