Tuesday, 17 March 2009

if you have more free time than I do

Upcoming title on Good Old Games that looks potentially interesting: Septerra Core Reviews suggest it's got a good plot but the graphics were a bit crap/outdated even when it was released. Not that that'll matter THAT much ten years later... on the other hand, if the combat is super-slow it may be too much of a drag. Sounds like a game that really needs a modder's touch. RPGFan mentions that there IS a patch for the game, but the site they link to is not currently offering it. GoG may have the patched version on offer when the game goes on sale, we'll just have to wait and see...


David said...

Oooh, I've played that one! Septerra Core was okay mechanically as far as JRPGs go, but it didn't have the pep factor that makes that genre work (at least for me). I agree that it did tend to drag on, but I felt it was more the little production details that caused this - the music and animation didn't combine to draw you in. This might just be me, but most JRPGs tend to have silly plots and repetetive battles - it's the aethetics like the music that draw me in to keep playing. I also don't remember much light hearted banter to keep the story flowing. I ended up abandoning the game half way through.

Cray said...

It's a very, very slow game.

Every battle was basically watch a bar fill up, click, 10 second+ animation (characters jump to the enemy, then swing, then jump back ...slowly), repeat.

Can't recommend it, but I remember liking the first half of the game before the combats irritated me too much.