Sunday, 29 March 2009

Lux Pain

Weird looking pseudo-adventure mostly-VN I mentioned earlier? Reviews are trickling out, and the mainstream is not impressed.

Most importantly, apparently the translation has problems, and when you're playing a game that's pretty much entirely story, that's a problem.

But for a more positive spin, check here or here or here. Still complaining about the translation problems, but getting into the story.

I do like my VNs but I tend not to like them that much on the DS. (I have NEVER completed the first Phoenix Wright game, and I am still eying Time Hollow warily). Mmmm... Well, if this is incredibly unpopular, maybe I can find a cheap copy on ebay sometime? It's not like I'm short on games.


Rio said...

Have you tried Trace Memory? The game is rather short but in terms of story and game play, it did well imo.

Whiner said...

Yes, that was one of the first DS games I bought. It falls much further into 'adventure' territory, but it did feel a better match for the system. I hear there's a sequel but only for Wii.