Thursday, 5 March 2009

the point, you have missed it

Seen on GameSetWatch - apparently the GDC is doing a game design challenge about losing one's virginity.

The design challenge: 'My First Time'. Our three contestants will be pitching a concept that brings together two unexplored themes for games: sex and autobiography.

... unexplored? HELLO? Okay, the majority of these games are written in Japanese, but... There is not exactly a shortage of games featuring sex. And considering the active doujin scene, I suspect there are probably a number of true stories of losing one's own virginity as well. I will have to go consult my sources to find some links to bombard.

Now, sure, these themes are unusual for certain kinds of games... but not all!

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Carolina said...

I don't think it's been explored creatively with out the intention of arousing someone. The game design challenge is pretty funny. I'm sure they'll come up with funny concepts and not just something graphic and explicit like in japan. But I see what you mean! The second I saw that I was like "whoa!"
Is there a creative/non graphically explicit game concept from japan about sex?
or a concept that's more about the art of games and less about the porn?