Friday, 11 February 2011

birthday loot

Picked up Venetica which I'm quite dubious about, but a) female protagonist b) interesting setting c) cheap, so even if it sucks it's not a huge loss. Lionheart sucked, but I bought it so cheap that the first few hours of not-sucking paid back the cost+frustration. No time to play it at the moment but expect to hear more from me on that later.

Was also given a new Professor Layton game to keep me occupied. edit: And a copy of the Witcher. Now, will I actually take the time to play any of this? Did I mention I also have Cross Channel and Remember 11 sitting in boxes?

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David said...

One of the benefits of making games is that if that game you bought turns out to suck, hey, at least it helps you make games that don't suck. There's always a positive!