Friday, 25 February 2011

Dragon Age 2 Demo

... was a very mixed experience, and then it crashed, rendering the whole exercise moot. I'm certainly not going to plow through that again for some stupid bonus weapons.

For their talk about streamlining stats, I found their new character-customisation system MORE difficult to use.

Also, what's with Sexy Costume Flemeth? This... completely goes against the way the character was originally written. Who exactly is she supposed to be trying to impress? Flemeth didn't _need_ to impress people. Are we supposed to infer that we interrupted her on her way to Hot Sex or something?

And what's with all "The Champion" crap? With the Warden it was understandable as it was a real in-world job title, and you could have a ton of last names. In this case they've carefully designed it to give you one last name, so why aren't they using it?

And, of course, tons of being channeled down narrow pathways through endless waves of boring combat.

Enh. Ask me about the game again in a year. By then there will be reviews, mods, cheats, and discounts.

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