Sunday, 13 February 2011

Precedent Maker

Something unusual spotted on DLsite today - a non-hentai dual-language KN with actually readable English.

It's the story of a student at a magical school learning to summon spirits and monsters. However, the demo is REALLY short despite being 150MB, and I have no idea how long the game itself is. Since it's marketed as an 'episode' and for only a few dollars, it's possible that it's extremely short and you'll have to buy a lot more episodes to complete the story. I don't know. I may pick it up at some point when I have more DLsite points in hand.

If you do download the demo, it comes pre-set to Japanese language, and that can make it hard to find the controls to switch it to english. Here are screenshots from the English setting to explain it (the buttons will be in the same place even though they look different)

Go to Main Menu and then to Settings and you'll see the obvious flag to switch to English text.

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