Thursday, 24 February 2011

that passed Nintendo rating boards?

In an apparent attempt to make the Wii seem like the console for sexy sexy adults, Ubisoft has relased a ... thing.

If my raised eyebrow isn't enough warning, this would not be considered safe for many workplaces.

Now, what little we see of the actual gameplay is not just tame but kinda boring. The same could likely be said of many 'naughty' board or dice games. I dunno, I'm just kinda o.0 trying to imagine the situations in which this game could actually be played as apparently intended. Not my place to judge and if you have that sort of parties, you have fun, but, um, when it comes to getting a bunch of my adult friends together to play games, I think I'll stick with tabletop RPGs.

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miruki said...

Just who would play that with more than one other person.. I mean, just wtf. Seriously.. wtf!? O__O