Thursday, 17 February 2011

Ever17 for the Xbox 360?

Unfortunately NOT announced for the English market and I have no idea if a translation is likely. I would guess that the IP owners still care somewhat about the English market, since they haven't allowed it to be sold as a download title for the PC. It's not impossible that it could get an English version, especially since there's already a translation for everthing except the new content, and 999 got great reviews... Don't know how well it sold though.

I don't personally like the new 3d models as shown in screenshot that much, though.

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Ana said...

I really hope the 360 version comes out here somehow. That'd be like an instant pre-order, and I don't even have a 360. I'm just still kicking myself over not getting Hirameki's PC release back in the day, haha.

And sorry about the comment flub there.