Wednesday, 16 February 2011


So, getting it up and running.

... Is steering via mouselook always this shit? I never use it in games that let me do anything else; I always turn off sidestep and use those keys to spin rapidly instead. Trying to hit something behind me vaguely flailing with no clear targeting system kinda sucks.

Okay, so I'm a girlygirl in a dress going on about how I'm not a warrior. But I pick up a poker and immediately beat to death five hulking assassins in armor. Then three more assassins show up, and I... wail in terror and collapse to my knees, dropping the poker, so that my love interest can show up to heroically rescue me and get killed for his troubles. WTF?

Also yeesh these cutscenes would be better served by visual novel style cutouts than trying to make 3d models of this quality lipsync and headbob.

And I apparently crashed it by tabbing out to complain.

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